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Employee Wellness Center

The Employee Wellness Center is a complete corporate fitness center created to enhance the health and wellbeing of Miami-Dade County employees. By enrolling, you can enjoy the convenience of exercising at the workplace, as well as participate in events and services to enrich your overall wellness.


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Enroll and accomplish your fitness goals.

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Members are offered flexible payment options.

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Rules are established for the comfort and safety of all members.


Classes & Training

Wellness Resources

Learn more about how to earn wellness points and rewards through the AvMed WellnessWorks incentive program.

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Explore sports, gyms and other health-and-fitness-related options to support overall wellness.

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Wellness Watch newsletter provides Miami-Dade County employees with the latest wellness news, programs and events.

About Us

The Employee Wellness Center offers membership and additional resources to connect you with wellness events, personal training packages, group exercise activities, member incentives, massage therapy services and more.