Report Fraud

We want to assure you that information sent from this screen is transmitted directly to the OIG and is not part of the Miami-Dade County network. When reporting fraud, waste, abuse of power, or mismanagement, you may remain anonymous if you wish.

Note that when we receive your complaint it DOES NOT show your email address, so we have no way to contact you regarding your complaint if you do not provide any contact information. Therefore, you are encouraged to identify yourself so that we may follow up on your complaint via email or phone call, and obtain additional information that may be helpful to our review of the matter. If you give your name and check off that you do not want your identity released, your identity will be protected to the maximum extent of the law.

In Whistleblower cases, your identity remains confidential even after the case has closed. In addition, there are certain provisions under Florida law and the Code of Miami-Dade County that protect employees and independent contractors that are engaged in business with the County or School District and who have entered a contract with the County or School District, from retaliation under certain circumstances. If you believe that making a report to the OIG will place you at risk of retaliation, you must inform the OIG of this fact. Visit our Ordinance page to learn more about your rights and the Employee Protection Ordinance.

When reporting information to the OIG, please be as specific and provide as much detail as possible. The more information you provide, the more thorough the OIG’s investigation can be. Any relevant information or knowledge you acquire after making a report to the OIG should also be reported in a follow-up phone call.