Releases & Reports

Annual Reports

In accordance with our statutory obligation, these reports highlight the investigations, audits and reviews we conduct throughout the fiscal year. In addition, these reports aim to inspire employees, business owners and residents to report wrongdoing in County government.


Produced by the Assistant Inspector General for Investigation and staff, these advisory memoranda and public reports announce arrests, sentencing and final reports of investigations and include findings and recommendations that encourage fairness and accountability.


Produced by the Deputy Inspector General and staff, these reports detail audits, reviews, inspections and evaluations. These audits are central to ensuring transparency, efficiency and revenue accountability throughout our County government.

Contract Oversight

Drawing on professional expertise that includes governmental budgets, finance and engineering, the general counsel and staff proactively assess contract performance and monitor procurement processes, preventing fraud, waste and abuse.

Our 25th Anniversary

In 2022, the Miami-Dade County Office of the Inspector General celebrated 25 years of service. Read the Inspector General's  message about this important milestone.

Latest Releases & Reports

Criminal Charges filed against County Contractor for Making False Statements to Obtain PortMiami Contracts

May 19, 2023
Ref. IG 20-0013-I
Allan Mairena, the owner and operator of Halmag Solutions, Inc, (Halmag), a Miami-Dade County vendor, settled criminal charges filed against him in connection with the Seaport Department’s (PortMiami’s) Invitation to Quote (ITQ) No. 01-19. 

Contract Oversight – New Hotel at MIA, RFP-01677, Committee Agenda Item 3F

May 9, 2023
Ref. IG20-0016-O 
OIG’s monitoring the solicitation to identify a private partner to design, permit, construct/build, finance, manage, operate, and maintain an upscale, four-star hotel at the entrance to Miami International Airport (MIA) 

Final Report re: Proposed Sale and Purchase of 23.85 Acres of County-owned Land to Homestead Town Center, LLC

April 26, 2023
Ref. IG 22-0004-O
The OIG’s independent and objective evaluation of the proposed sale and purchase of 23.85 acres of County Land to Homestead Town Center, LLC.

Receipt of Status Report Pertaining to the OIG’s Audit of PHCD’s Utilization of the MCC Emergency Response Team Pool

February 17, 2023
Ref. IG 20-0005-A
Status Report for the work done to improve PHCD’s compliance when utilizing the MCC program/requirements.